Laboratory for Neurophysiology
and Neuro-Computer Interfaces

(Former Human Brain Research Group)

EEG filtered in alpha band, with change-points
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Our interest is the secret springs of work of a brain. How can a new idea be born in the brain if the physical environment remains constant? How do hidden intentions express themselves in our actions and in our perception? What mechanisms of the brain are broken in schizophrenia? At last, we try to understand, how the brain would work in a new reality when enabled to operate external objects directly, without the help of muscles. For this purpose we create brain-computer interfaces (BCI) based on modern methods of computational electroencephalography. We believe that BCI technology is a new paradigm in contemporary psychophysiology opening the door to Thought Driven Reality.

Новая научно-популярная статья А.Я.Каплана об интерфейсах мозг-компьютер (журнал "Наука из первых рук"): Нейрокомпьютерный симбиоз: движение силой мысли.

  Nigel Ackland and Alexander Kaplan  
Nigel Ackland поздравляет Александра Каплана с удачным докладом на конгрессе GF2045 (New-York June 15 2013) с надеждой на скорое подключение протеза руки к интерфейсу мозг-компьютер.

Our MindPuzzle (a P300 BCI game) in Technology Update program at Russia Today TV channel.  

See more BCI videos on our youtube BCI channel.

Phone: +7 (495) 939 13 73


Prof. A. Ya. Kaplan
Department of Human Physiology
Faculty of Biology
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Vorob'ovy Gory 1/12
Moscow, 119991

Alexander Ya. Kaplan,
Prof., Ph.D., D.Sc.

Sergei V. Borisov, Ph.D.
Ilya P. Ganin, Ph.D.
Arina G. Kochetova, Ph.D.
Egor V. Lobusov, M.D.
Sergei L. Shishkin, Ph.D. (visiting)

Victor A. Ermolayev, Dipl. Engin.
Roman Draginsky, Dipl. Engin.
Yuri O. Nuzhdin, Dipl. Engin.

PhD students
Ivan A. Basul, M.S.
Daniel A. Kirjanov, Dipl. Engin.
Sophya P. Liburkina, M.S.
Anatoly N. Vasilyev, M.S.
Rafael Grigorian, M.S.
Ekaterina Krysanova, M.S.

Undergrad students
Lev Yakovlev
Nikolay Syrov
Evgeniya Kosichenko
Darya Zhigulskaya

Former Visitors
Prof. Joachim Röschke (St Valentinushaus, Klin Psychiat & Psychotherapie, Kiedrich, Germany)
Dr. Jürgen Fell (Dept. of Epileptology, University of Bonn, Germany)
Dr. Jong-Gil Byeon, Ph.D. (Chungbuk National University, Korea)

Former students
Alexander A. & Andrew A. Fingelkurts, Ph.D
Ekaterina V. Levichkina, Ph.D.
Egor V. Lobusov, Dipl. Med.
Anastasia A. Pyanova, M.S.
Anna Iu. Shishelova, Ph.D.
Irina B. Simanova (Sheftel), M.S.
Alexander Yu. Zhigalov, Ph.D.
Maya Polovitskaya, M.S.

Last updated:  January 22, 2016.